The purest organic hops are grown in British Columbia, Canada.


We grow hops in Canada's hottest place.

The Fraser Canyon at Lillooet provides more sun and heat to our organic crop than any other place in Canada. We know that growing here maximizes oils and resins while maintaining the organic integrity you need and value in your organic beer.

Organic is all we do. 

Unlike other hop companies, HOOH puts all its hops in one organic basket. With a committed network of exclusively organic hop farms throughout the region, we bring to the organic brewing world tens of thousands of kilograms of fresh, fragrant, and pure organic hops that will keep you coming back for more.


Varieties We Grow

Cascade | Centennial | Chinook | Crystal | Nugget 

Ultra |Horizon | Triple Perle | Fuggle | Golding


HOOH Hops is certified under the Canada Organic Regime (COR) with equivalency with both the US and EU organic standards. 

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