Since 2009, HOOH has been at the forefront of the Canadian hop industry. 

HOOH’s founder, Sam Quinlan (pictured right), works closely with the best farmers across the country to source exceptional hop lots. 

Our powerful 20 horsepower pelleting mill transforms these hop cones into T-90 pellets. Each hop lot is analyzed by Langara College’s Bine Hop Research Lab for acids and terpenes (essential oil).

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Canada's hottest place

HOOH is the name we gave Canada’s first organic hop farm. It stands for Harvesters Of Organic Hops.  We believed then – and still do today – that Canada is an ideal place to grow sustainable hops for the world market.



Variety is the spice of life. We work with a multitude of farms so you don’t have to. Only the hops that pass our purity standards make it to our storefront.


Hop terpenes are the future of hop research. We work with industry-leading scientists to discover the chemical essence of every hop we sell.          


Is your Centennial too low in Myrcene? Confused? Don’t be. Check out Hopp[ED]™, our educational platform and get schooled on your hop chemistry. Simple,  insightful. 

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