BINE is an industry-led research collaboration to support the development of Canada’s hop industry.   


BINE uses Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) analytical equipment to measure precisely individual terpenes found in hops. Our technicians are trained to prepare sample extracts and test in triplicates to ensure accuracy. 

This level of detail far exceeds the traditional standards for testing hop essential oils. We are pushing the boundaries of analytical chemistry for hops. With this knowledge, we can better understand the hops we grow in Canada and select in-demand varieties that thrive here in Canada. 

Taking our data further

These analyses are interpreted by our lab techs and then transformed into east-to-understand graphics by our talented graphics lead, Kyle Humber. This is the best way to capture a lot of complex information into one graphic. Check it out over at our hopp[ED]™ platform.

These vials contain the pure extracts from the hop used to identify and measure each hop terpene. 

ready for testing

Each sample is meticulously distributed to their respective slots to await their turn for analysis in the GC-MS.

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