This is a Collaborative Effort

Who is behind a Canadian hop? A lot of hard-working people. Labourers, laboratories, certification agencies, university professors, students, and of course – the farmers.  At HOOH, we work with a lot of passionate people who believe Canadian beer should be made with Canadian hops.

Organic Certification

 Many of our hops are certified under the Canada Organic Regime (COR) with equivalency to both the US and EU organic standards.

Beyond alpha acid...

We work with a network of 3rd party labs to provide you with the most comprehensive certificate of analysis in the world.


  • Alpha Acid, Beta Acid, HSI, Total Oils
  • Primary & Secondary Terpenes
  • 100+ Common Pesticides Tested

HOOH Certification

A-Grade Conventional

We are working with Canadian Farmers to reduce or eliminate high-risk pesticides and implement sustainable growing methods. This is our seal of approval to celebrate & promote improving the Canadian standard.

Certified Organic

It doesn’t get any better than this. No synthetic chemicals were used in growing these organic hops. Pure, natural, and pesticide-free. Learn more about why organic is important here.

Authentic Origin Guarantee

Want to know who grew your hops? We’ve got you covered. From the day the hops were picked to the day they reach your door, our traceability system documents our hop’s journey every step of the way. 

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