The Original Crest: How HOOH’s Logo Stood the Test of Time

HOOH has been in the business for over a decade, and as we’ve grown, we’ve reached the point where it’s due time to give the company a brand new paint job! Growing, expanding, and developing every aspect behind closed doors; We are proud to say we are entering a whole new phase of HOOH! It’s only fitting to bring the aesthetic up to par with where the company has gone!

The Original HOOH Logo

Looking at the original logo, we still love its bold presentation and effortless appeal. How could we possibly get rid of such a beloved icon? Well… we didn’t! Instead of getting rid of it, we decided to refresh it to bring it up to speed along with the rest of the rebrand.

HOOH Crest with New Colours

Ah, look at that! A refreshing palette of fun, bright colours with some choice selections of gray. Hops are beautifully complex plants with a vast spectrum of aromatic qualities, so we wanted to reflect that in the company branding!

But that’s not all we wanted to do. Introducing a clean, modern acronym version of our logo is bold and accessible. Where the original logo is ornate and provides accentuating details, it can get lost in translation, especially at a glance. Having a variant rooted in utmost simplicity speaks to the clarity of what we do, and adds an identifiable stamp that’s visible at a distance.

The versatility brought on by our second logo allows us to interchange the usage of classic and contemporary as we see fit! They each stand proudly on their own, but they also mix together beautifully to create a striking visual.

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