HOOH’s Seals & Certification

We have been busy in the background stepping up our game! We’ve got a tailored variety of hops that we’re researching and defining like never before. Not only are we introducing an intuitive storefront, we’ve been developing a whole ecosystem to support our endeavors. We’ll be diving into more in the near future! Let’s get started by diving into our shiny new seals; certified Organic and A-Grade hops will now be clearly labelled, making it a breeze to pick out the hops your looking for. Our Authentic Origin Guarantee.

HOOH’s Golden Standard

Organic is in the name! HOOH Started off as a single organic hop farm in the valleys of the Western Canadian Coastal Mountains. Now we’ve grown to source hops from all across Canada. Pesticide-free hops are the purest and healthiest option on the market and we are proud to provide you with the best Canada has to offer.

Conventional Has Never Been Better

As the company grew, our vision grew too. We’ve expanded to raise the standard for conventional hops too! Canadian farmers are working hard to reduce or remove the use of pesticides and incorporate sustainable farming techniques in their practice. We want to support these efforts, so hops that don’t exceed our MRL limits are awarded our certified A-Grade Seal.

Authentic Origin Guarantee

Our hops come from unique growing regions all over Canada, but all the hops are tested and certified before they leave our facilities. Our advanced inventory system allows us to manage our inventory and add new product with ease. You won’t find any mislabelled hops from us! Process documentation allows us to update our system as we pelletize & package each batch of hops. Last thing to go on the box is our AOG seal before we ship off your order. You can be confident in knowing where your hops came from.

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