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Researched, certified & ready to go, we’ve got the A-Grade and Organic hops you need for your next brew!

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We’ve done the research and developed hopp[ED], an educational platform to help you make the most of your hops, entirely free!

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Get the full terpene analyses and pesticide reports for each of our hops to see why the were selected for our curated catolog.

We’re serious about providing the best hops and supporting farmers who are working towards more sustainable farming practices. We’ve put a lot of hard work into research, reports, pelletizing and packaging. We want to know that your serious about better hops too, that’s why the extent of our purchase sizes and hop data is reserved for members-only. Membership is free!

We are actively researching our hops to discover their individual natures and qualities. Pesticide analyses, terpene profiles, experiential data: We’ve taken multiple sectors and combined them into an easily accessible format we call hopp[ED]™. Becoming a HOOH Member grants you access to the full extent of our research

With the results from the various analyses, we award the hops our HOOH stamp of approval. Our hops are labelled with our Certified Organic and A-Grade Conventional Seals for easy identification on hopp[ED]™ and in the storefront.

Our hops are pelletized by us at our facility and conveniently packaged in 5kg and 20kg boxes, ready to ship upon order! Guests have access to quick purchase options, but members get access to bulk purchasing options and exclusive pricing. Orders will be shipped on the next available shipping day. Details available at checkout.

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