Organic TriplePearl

A new favourite variety grown by BC hop producers. Complex, intense and pungent. With lower concentrations of typical hop terpenes like Humulene and Caryophyllene, TriplePearl exhibits a broad spectrum of minor but potent terpenes, like Linalool, ß-Cubebene and 2-Undecanone.  The result is an exceptional unhoppy hop, leading with fruity musk melon, black pepper (thanks to the ß-Cubebene), sweet vanilla, and sweet tobacco. TriplePearl stands well with Belgian yeasts for hopped Saison and White IPA, and adds complexity to sours.

Proudly grown, pelleted and packed in British Columbia.


See Hop Details tab at right for a comprehensive terpene/essential oil profiles and brewing values.

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20 kg, 5 kg, 454 g

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