(272g/0.5lb &454KG/1LB)

While the full extent of our hop store is reserved for members only, you can still get your hands on our hops! Grab a few of our ship-ready 272g/0.5lb & 454g/1lb packs to try out our varieties.


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272g/0.5lb & 454g/1lb

your custom order

272g/0.5lb & 454g/1lb  is the only size available to purchase without a HOOH Membership. get access to 5kg/11lb and 20kg/44lb options by signing up today!

Check the boxes for each hop variety you are interested in purchasing. Tell us the quantity of each variety you’ve selected in the message section. We’ll set up a custom order and pick what shipping method works best for you!

Let us know what brew(s) you’re planning to make! We love to hear what people are brewing with our hops.

Ready to get your hands on Canada's best hops?

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